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Preferred Builders Group
Any single family residence built in Blocks 8-13 must be constructed by a preferred builders.  Preferred builders are not required on single family lots in Phase IV, which includes Block 16 and Block 18.  Multi-family lots and commercial lots are not subject to the preferred builders’ group, but all construction plans must be approved by the Architectural Review Committee to protect the integrity and quality of the subdivision. The preferred builders for single family residences in Blocks 8-13 are Hood & Horning Construction, Pierce & Associates Builders, Sierra Custom Homes, Sysum Construction and Sussex Construction. Builders outside this group may be approved on a case by case basis.

The final plat for Nob Hill includes 87 single family residential and 36 multifamily lots.  Lot sizes range from 8,860 – 45,579 sq ft.  Nob Hill has filed two sets of protective covenants to encourage the quality and integrity of the subdivision.  Please see the section regarding covenants for more information. On Blocks 8-13 (Nob Hill Phase III), the development company has created a preferred builder designation.