Covenants Phase I-III

The Nob Hill development has been thoughtfully designed to incorporate high quality residential construction with professional and commercial uses.  The development is located near St. Peter’s Hospital, the Montana State Capitol complex, Jefferson County, and Interstate 15.

The neighborhood has been created in partnership with Helena City, Lewis and Clark County, and Montana State officials.  The subdivision has been annexed into the city of Helena and has city water and sewer service connected to the lots.

In addition to city services, a fiber optic network has been installed by Three Rivers Communications.  Nobhill is one of the first developments in Montana to have these services.  This network provides high speed voice, video, and data services to clients.

A walking trail system that connects to Nob Hill City Park and the South Hills trail system has been incorporated into the multifaceted design of Nobhill. Prickly Pear Land Trust contributes to the design of the trail system.  The developers dedicated land for two city parks within the subdivision and are providing additional green space areas. 

Nob Hill enjoys excellent transportation access by way of Interstate 15 and Colonial Drive. Through these routes, Nobhill connects to the Montana City frontage road and provides a throughway for Jefferson County residents. A loop road connection to Highway 12 is also in the works for the east side of the interstate.

Augustine Properties

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The Nob Hill Subdivision has 2 sets of covenants.  The first set, Phase III, pertains to Blocks 8-13. The second set, Phase IV, pertains to Blocks 1-7 and Blocks 15-20, the commercial lots. As stated previously, key points of the covenants include minimum size for residential construction of 1500 sq. ft; construction by a  preferred builder for single family residential lots in Blocks 8-13; and development company architectural review of construction plans for all structures to be built on all other lots purchased in the subdivision. There is no specified time for beginning construction on a lot purchased in the Nob Hill Subdivision. However, once any construction, reconstruction, alteration or remodeling has begun, it must be completed within 1 year. Casinos are expressly prohibited as a commercial use.

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​3400 Centennial  Drive, Helena, MT   

Helena's South Gate